One of the reasons I’m writing this blog is to help other would-be travelers figure out the cost of world travel. As such, I’m dutifully tracking and reporting all of my spending down to the penny. Don’t worry, the former accountant in me finds this to be an enjoyable exercise.

However, total amount spent is kind of worthless without context. As such, I try to provide pictures of our rental accommodations and a general summary of our activities within each spending post. I break down our expenses into different categories, whether that’s rent, restaurants, beer, or visa fees. All of this detailed information is available by clicking on the hyperlinked locations in the spreadsheets below.

Our spending patterns are most likely different than yours. But hopefully by providing context and detailed breakdowns, you’ll still find it to be a useful data point. I don’t update these in real time, but only after we’ve ended a stay and moved onto the next stop.

Without further ado, here is what we’ve spent so far. In 2019, we spent a total of $10,951.17 for just over 6 months worth of travel. That $58.25 per day would amount to $21,261.57 if we would’ve traveled in SE Asia for the full year. Our 2020 spending came in even lower at $19,565.95. (Full breakdown here.) Much of that can be attributed to being grounded due to COVID. 2021 had a slight uptick, but we were still mostly grounded and spent only $23,891.73.

2023 Spending Totals:

2022 Spending Totals:

2021 Spending Totals:

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2020 Spending Totals:

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2019 Spending Totals: