Art in Budapest is not just limited to museums. Throughout the city, there’s interesting street art to be found. This makes Budapest very fun to wander around. We never know what we’ll find beyond the bend or on the next block. Between the great architecture, street art, and sweeping river views, we’ve enjoyed exploring over the last couple of months.

My initial plan was to make a single post detailing all of the architecture and art, but I just have too many pictures I want to share, so consider this a bonus. A Bonus Nachos bonus post, if you will. I guess that’s bound to happen when we stay in such a gorgeous city for months at a time. And you know I love towns with street art. Here are my favorite shots.

Rubik’s Cube inventor Enro Rubik was born in Budapest
A promotion for the small Miksa Roth Museum, which we really liked
I almost got vertigo staring at this one
Even a stupid billboard can’t ruin this beautiful stag
Sometimes the street art is literal. Cracks in the sidewalk asphalt become canvases throughout the city.

The street art isn’t just limited to official murals. There’s plenty of talented graffiti art too. Some of these are mind-blowingly good. In particular, I love the juxtaposition of graffiti tags in front of classical architecture. The temporary nature of graffiti art also appeals to me. Many of these artists put a lot of time and effort into something that will soon be destroyed with a coat of paint. I view it as a reminder to enjoy things while they last.

Ribs, I think?
The same tagger as above, but in black and white. Woof!
Train yards and graffiti go together like spaghetti and meatballs
Sometimes the tag is just okay, but the canvas is amazing
Out on the prowl for street art