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Buildings Of Budapest

Budapest is a gorgeous city filled with lots of impressive architecture. We often find ourselves walking around in a state of awe, mouths half agape. There are cool old buildings just about everywhere we turn. And most of them have been well-cared for, so they still look how I imagine they must have when they were built.

Fair warning, this post is presented by an architectural novice. I don’t really know the difference between gothic, renaissance, or Baroque architecture. I do know what a flying buttress is, but that’s about the extent of my technical knowledge. But I like admiring and taking pictures of interesting buildings, so hopefully that’s enough. What follows are the architectural highlights of Budapest according to my personal taste.

While many European cities are dotted with exquisite buildings, Budapest is the only one that I’ve found that arranges roof shingles in decorative patterns. This only adds to the fun vibe that these impressive structures present. It’s not everywhere, but some churches, schools, and public market buildings have decided that a detailed facade is not enough.

The King Matthias Church
The Central Market Hall
A small church that I adore the look of. Right next to the river.
Even some schools get in on the fun

While the decorative roofs are somewhat rare, the amazing buildings are simply everywhere. Especially in the downtown area, they just come one after another seemingly without end. It’s a real treat to walk around everyday. It’s another in the long list of reasons that Budapest is an easy city to love.

The Vajdahunyad Castle
Museum of Ethnography
Even the McDonald’s are pretty fancy

As much as I enjoy the official buildings housing museums, government offices, or cathedrals, I really get a kick out of finding cool apartment buildings. These probably aren’t as grand, but I’m almost always just as impressed. I think it’s because I can imagine myself living there. The splendor feels accessible and within reach.

That sign in the lower left means For Rent. Hmmmm….
In the castle district

Of course, no Budapest architectural summary would be complete without Parliament. The immaculately detailed house of government sitting on the banks of the Danube is one of the most impressive structures in the world. From any vantage point, whether that’s across the river or 10 feet from it, it’s impossible not to marvel at its grandeur. We love this building!

Statue of poet Attila József in the foreground
Every inch has immaculate detail
It’s hard not to smile around this beauty


  1. Skip

    Beautiful stuff. Thanks for sharing. Hope you two are doing well.

    • Eric

      Thanks Skip!

  2. Ned A Haylett

    Great pictures, Eric! Thanks for reminding us how much we enjoyed Budapest. The Central Market was especially fun to visit. One thing I noticed about the pictures of the apartment buildings: No ugly-ass window air-conditioner units sticking out.

    • Eric

      I didn’t even think about that. Good eye! Also probably a good reason to not visit in the height of summer. 🙂

  3. Geekstreamers

    Cool architecture is one of our favorite things about travel, too! Those night shots of the Parliament are incredible!

    • Eric

      The hardest part was narrowing down the Parliament pics from the 13,462 that I’ve taken. It’s just ridiculously photogenic.

  4. Sally Baldwin

    Love your posts.
    Did you see this:

    • Eric

      Hi Sally,
      I didn’t see that report specifically, but have read other complaints about the current government. It’s a little hard for me to judge as an outsider, but it seems like the government buildings are more popular than those who work there. Of course that’s not unique to Hungary, as most countries seem to fill their first rate buildings with second rate representatives.

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