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Hoi An Vietnam After The Sun Goes Down

In my last post, I tempted you with the beauty of Hoi An during the day. To complete the story, Hoi An must be experienced at night too. Once the sun goes down, the lanterns light up and the whole old town feels like something out of a movie. The river is full of boats, the bridges are crowded with photogs, and the restaurant patios are taken over by hungry patrons. Without further ado, here’s the marvelous Hoi An after the sun goes down.

Lantern-filled Streets

Along The River

Near The Night Market

Restaurants And Bars

Others That I Like

Naturally, this one is my favorite. Who doesn’t love the Karate Kid?

While Hoi An shines during the day, nighttime is when the real magic happens. It’s definitely more crowded, as the cooler temperatures and alluring lanterns make for a great evening stroll. But the city is set up to handle the people as there are numerous bars, restaurants, and market vendors to choose from. There are plenty of good people watching opportunities as well. It’s normally hard to take good pictures at night, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue in Hoi An. It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly beautiful.  


  1. Skip

    Beautiful. Hoi An is high on our list of must visit destinations. Your photos help to confirm that. It looks like a place that is right up our alley. Enough to keep us interested for a while but not crazy and overwhelming. I’d be tempted to stay a while.

    What camera are you using? Looks like it had good low light capability.

    • Eric

      The majority of the pics are from my phone, a Google Pixel 2. It has a “night sight” function, which helps with low light pics. A few of them are from Katie’s iPhone 8. But the real secret is to take about 1000 and only post the best 20. Being retired means i have time to sort through all of the bad ones. 🙂

  2. Dianne

    Karate Katie!! Love it! It is amazing the number of lanterns everywhere. Beautiful!

    • Eric

      Lanterns are definitely a city theme. They are everywhere in the downtown area.

  3. Les

    Beautiful pics, Eric! Who was the ‘Karate Kid’?

    • Eric

      That’s Katie doing her best impression. Must have balance!

      • Les

        Good job, Katie!!

  4. Darina Confidus

    Incredible photos, looking at them, I kind of was there. Thanks for this opportunity! I’m impressed!

    • Eric

      Thanks Darina! Glad you enjoyed them. I definitely had fun taking them. 🙂

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