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Magical Hoi An Vietnam In Pictures

Hoi An, Vietnam is an incredibly beautiful spot. The city is known for its colorful lanterns and they are numerous. Its tropical locale means that there are plenty of flowering plants and trees too. The natural blooms and the radiant orbs combine to make Hoi An a photographer’s paradise. In fact, I’ve taken so many pictures that I barely know what to do with them all. So instead of prattling on and on about how gorgeous the scene is here, I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

Street Scene

Bright Flowers

Along The River

Pictures With Bikes

Businesses And Restaurants

Other Photos I Like

As you can see, it’s really easy to get a good picture around here. It’s hard to walk more than a block without pulling out my camera. And I’ve been walking a lot! That means that I have a lot more to share. You may have noticed that all of the above shots are daytime photos. But nighttime is also a treat, because all of these lanterns light up. Stay tuned for Hoi An at night.


  1. Dale

    We can see that you’ve been developing your photography skills while enjoying all of your travels. Beautiful pictures, thanks for the updates.

    • Eric

      Thanks Dale! Glad you liked the pics.

  2. Skip

    Wow! The colors are so vibrant. Can’t wait to visit.

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